Men of Kempt's Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

28th (North Gloucs) Foot


Captain William Prescott Meacham

Lieutenant Joseph Taylor Clarke

Lieutenant George Ingram

Serjeant Simon Cockrane

Serjeant Issac Sheppard

Corporal Thomas Greenham

Corporal Robert Johnson

Private James Beckwith

Private William Blackmore

Private John Brooks

Private John Browning

Private John Callaghan

Private Thomas Clarke

Private Andrew Cole

Private John Conlan

Private Patrick Connolly

Private Archibald Crozier

Private John Crews

Private James Finnigan

Private James Gannon

Private David Green

Private Michael Hogan

Private William Jennings

Private Walter Ketrick

Private John Leonard

Private James Loads

Private Richard Luxham

Private James Madden

Private John Major

Private Matthew Martin

Private Roger McAwby

Private Francis McGuire

Private Daniel McShawe

Private Edward Moore

Private James Murphy

Private Michael Naughton

Private Thomas O'Brien

Private Samuel Penny

Private Richard Serwins

Private Jonathan Shaw

Private William Shipcott

Private George Smith

Private Edward Sommers

Private Thomas Toogood


32nd (Cornwall) Foot


Captain Jaques Boyse

Captain Thomas Cassan

Captain Edward Whitty

Colour Serjeant Richard Smaldon

Corporal John Bonny

Corporal John Summers

Corporal William Davey

Corporal Thomas Dodd

Corporal James Dore

Corporal William Jones

Corporal William Larvey

Corporal Samuel Martinscroft

Corporal William McGill

Corporal William Ramsay

Corporal William Williams

Private John Amcar

Private John Bigwood

Private John Birch

Private John Bond

Private George Brocks

Private John Browne

Private James Cain

Private Henry Carnell

Private Thomas Carnell

Private Thomas Caulfield

Private Thomas Challis

Private Thomas Chappell

Private John Charters

Private Samuel Clarke

Private John Conway

Private Charles Cootes

Private John Corcoran

Private Phillip Darnven

Private Patrick Delany

Private Thomas Dellamore

Private John Devlin

Private George Douglas

Private Charles Freeston

Private Thomas Gilbert

Private John Goddard

Private Oliver Godson

Private Edward Goran

Private Thomas Gormley

Private William Greenwood

Private John Groves

Private James Harding

Private Edward Hawkes

Private Joseph Higgins

Private William Hook

Private Daniel Hynes

Private Thomas Ingram

Private William Jenkins

Private James Jordan

Private John Kelly

Private John Kennon

Private Richard Kilby

Private James Kinsley

Private Edward Kirbess

Private William Kirkwood

Private James Lewis

Private William Lobb

Private Hugh Maguire

Private John McCool

Private Dennis McDonagh

Private James McGuire

Private Owen McGurn

Private Michael McGurn

Private Luke McKirenan

Private William McShay

Private Silas Mitchell

Private Thomas Moore

Private James Murray

Private William Newman

Private Charles Oates

Private James Oates

Private Thomas Pinker

Private Thomas Potter

Private Patrick Quigley

Private John Rafter

Private William Rawlins

Private John Reilly

Private George Rollison

Private John Rowe

Private William Shackleton

Private John Simmonds

Private John Slade

Private James Smith

Private Benjamin Smith

Private Issac Stephens

Private Daniel Thornfall

Private John Wilkinson

Private Samuel Williss

Private Peter Wynne

Serjeant Samuel Broad

Serjeant James Slater

79th Foot (Cameron Highlanders)


Captain John Cameron

Captain Neil Campell

Captain John Sinclair

Lieutenant Donald Cameron

Lieutenant Ewan Kennedy

Lieutenant & Adjutant John Kynock

Lieutenant Duncan McPherson

Lieutenant John Powling

Colour Serjeant James McQueen

Serjeant Hugh Cameron

Serjeant Peter McLachlan

Corporal   William Alsborough

Corporal James Marshal

Private Alexander Alexander 

Private George Bain

Private Donald Banks

Private John Bruce

Private Donald Cameron

Private Duncan Cameron

PrivateAlexander Campbell

Private Lachlan Campbell

Private Alexander Campbell

Private Donald Campbell 1st

Private William Clarke

Private Thomas Crawford

Private Archibald Cumming

Private John Hastie

Private Walter Henderson

Private John Hill

Private John Hutchinson

Private James Jack

Private Robert Jeffery

Private William Kennedy

Private Abraham Kishen

Private William Lane

Private Magnus Lannock

Private William Lightbody

Private Charles Luss

Private Gilbert McArthur

Private James McDonald

Private Kenneth McDonald

Private Alexander McDonald

Private John McDonald 1st

Private John McDonald 2nd

Private Alexander McIntosh

Private James McKay 1st

Private William McKeller

Private John McKenzie 2nd

Private Peter McKinnonk

Private Lachlan McLachlan

Private Ewen McLachlan

Private Angus McLean

Private Duncan McLeod

Private James Mcleod

Private John McMillan 1st

Private John McMillan 2nd

Private David McQuallie

Private William Miller

Private Samuel Mitchell

Private Donald Monro

Private John Neil

Private John O'Neil

Private Robert Phillips

Private John Reid

Private Edward Roberts 

Private William Robertson

Private John Shaw

Private Matthew Shepherd

Private Thomas Travis

Private Andrew Tyree

Private John Watson

Private Daniel Weir

Private Robert Young


1st Batt. 95th Foot


Captain Charles Smyth 

Lieutenant John Stillwell

Lieutenant Edward D. Johnston

Lieutenant William Lister

Sergeant Mathew Allison

Sergeant Anthony Hufton

Serjeant Thomas Crowthers

Serjeant John McBain

Serjeant Thomas Morgan

Serjeant Allen Ure

Serjeant David Walsh

Corporal Thomas Blanford

Corporal William Clarke

Corporal Welland Shaw

Bugler William Allen

Bugler Colin Warren

Private John Banks

Private James Battersby

Private Moses Blythen

Private Thomas Bradburn

Private James Burke

Private William Burnes

Private Thomas Burrows

Private James Burton

Private Thomas Connelly

Private John Cowdry

Private George Crookshanks

Private William Davis

Private William Davy

Private Edward Drawbridge

Private John Frank

Private William Gisburn

Private James Green

Private George Harle

Private David Harsell

Private James Josephs

Private John Keeler

Private Josh King

Private Alexander Lindsay

Private Patrick Mahoney

Private William Maids

Private Henry Matson

Private Bernard McDonnell

Private John McRae

Private William Merritt

Private William Morris 

Private Henry Parker

Private James Pitchforth

Private William Poulter

Private John Reece

Private Thomas Rhodes

Private Thomas Robson

Private Josh Shellets

Private James Smith

Private John Smith

Private Thomas Stubbs

Private Daniel Sullivan

Private John Turner

Private Francis Wade

Private John Waine

Private James Watts

Volunteer R.J Kellett