Men of Lambert's Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

4th (King's Own) Foot

Lieutenant William Squire

Colour-Serjeant John Collins

Serjeant Benjamin Copley

Serjeant Joseph Forsythe

Serjeant Edward Inchdon

Serjeant James Sousse

Corporal Michael Culley

Corporal Robert Murrell

Corporal John Newton

Private James Bass

Private Thomas Bassett

Private Stephen Bedford

Private Absolem Belles

Private James Beswick

Private John Boggis

Private Thomas Carey

Private Matthew Carroll

Private Henry Drewe

Private Jacob Durose

Private George Epworth

Private John Goldsworthy

Private Thomas Hatch

Private John Hearle

Private John Hodges

Private John Jury

Private Edward McClusky

Private William McDermott

Private Morgan

Private Edward Morgan

Private Joseph Pearce

Private Peter Pearce

Private Thomas Pewter

Private John Rogers

Private Jeremiah Sore

Private John Stokes

Private Samuel Walker

Private Howell Watkins


27th (Inniskilling) Foot

Captain George Holmes

Lieutenant William F. Fortescue

Ensign Samuel Ireland

Serjeant John Doolan

Serjeant Henry Hughes

Serjeant James Hughes

Serjeant Frederick Jawnson

Serjeant James McCormick

Serjeant William Oddy

Serjeant Samuel Shaw

Corporal Arthur Cavanagh

Corporal Issac Graham

Corporal Thomas Johnston

Corporal Stephen Merton

Private Robert Adams

Private Edward Armstrong

Private Robert Boyle

Private James Bradley

Private William Calder

Private William Campbell

Private Michael Carsons

Private Edward Coglan

Private William Concannon

Private James Connuskey

Private Joseph Cooke

Private Patrick Corbett

Private Michael Corcoran

Private William Craique

Private Patrick Creaton

Private Denis Curry

Private Joseph Delany

Private James Dixon

Private Francis Donoughy

Private Martin Doolan

Private James Doyle

Private Patrick Doyle

Private George Dubbin

Private Bryan Dunn

Private Simon Farrell

Private Rodger Feighely

Private Michael Feighery 

Private Timothy Flannican

Private Stephen Gaffrey

Private James Gallo

Private Philip Green

Private Robert Hall

Private Robert Hammond

Private Bartholomew Hanlon

Private Patrick Heany

Private William Henney

Private Farrell Higgins

Private James Hinds

Private John Holder

Private Thomas Hoyle

Private William Hudson

Private William Hughes

Private John James

Private Redmond Jennings

Private Denis Kelly

Private Peter Kelly

Private William Kinley

Private Hugh Leadley

Private John Leech

Private Hugh Loughran

Private Lancelot Lynney

Private John Lyons

Private John Marks

Private John McCauley

Private Mark McCausland

Private Michael McCavity

Private Alexander McDonald

Private Peter McEntagart

Private Patrick McGolrick

Private Francis McMahon

Private Patrick Meath

Private Michael Melanafry

Private Patrick Milligan

Private Denis Moran

Private John Murray

Private Hugh O'Donnell

Private John O'Mara

Private John Pollard

Private Edward Quinn

Private John Quirk

Private William Regan

Private John Reily

Private Patrick Shaughnasey

Private Patrick Shaw

Private William Sherwood

Private Philip Smith

Private Samuel Smith

Private John Smith sr.

Private Daniel Strain

Private Charles Stranger

Private George Tackery

Private John Taylor

Private James Toole

Private James Toole

Private Thomas Toole jr.

Private James Walsh

Private Luke Walsh

Private Alexander Walters

Private William McKenny



40th (2nd Somerset) Foot

Major Arthur Rowley Heyland

Captain William Fisher

Ensign Frederick Ford

Colour Serjeant Isaac Jones

Serjeant John Adams

Serjeant William German

Serjeant William Johnstone

Serjeant Issac Jones

Serjeant John Mallett

Serjeant James Meade

Serjeant John Yeap

Corporal Thomas Kenny

Corporal Thomas Pavy

Corporal Thomas Rayburn

Corporal John Smith

Corporal Marshal Turner

Corporal Dudley Benson

Private Thomas Bensford

Private John Brady

Private James Browne

Private James Chambury

Private James Clatworthy

Private Jacob Cooke

Private Richard Curtis

Private Hugh Finnigan

Private John Fuller

Private George Fussell

Private Benjamin Haughton

Private Michael Hogan

Private William Hooper

Private John Howard

Private Robert Hutchins

Private John Hutchinson

Private Thomas Huxtep

Private Thomas Johnstone

Private William Knox

Private Nicholas Lampshire

Private William Lane

Private John Lilley

Private James Locks

Private James Lonham

Private William Lyons

Private Martin McDole

Private John Mills

Private William Pose

Private James Reed

Private William Rowe

Private William Russell

Private James Ruth

Private Thomas Shea

Private Thomas Smith

Private Bartholomew Sullivan

Private John Tatchell

Private Joshua Tumbus

Private John Ureh

Private John Walker

Private Thomas Walsh

Private Jonathon Whitehead

Private JohnWoolcott