Men of Pack's Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

1st Foot (Royal Scots)


Captain WilliamBuckley

Lieutenant JohnArmstrong

Lieutenant John EO'Neil

Lieutenant WilliamYoung

Ensign WilliamAnderson

Ensign James GrantKennedy

Ensign Alexander Robertson

Serjeant Major Francis Quicke

Colour-Serjeant WilliamDobbs

Serjeant Peter Fisher

Serjeant John Hamilton

Serjeant John McKenzie

Serjeant Archibald McCallum

Corporal Henry Daley

Corporal James Hogarty

Corporal William Marks

Private ThomasAshman

Private George Baller

Private James Britton

Private Adam Burns

Private Andrew Burrell

Private Patrick Casey

Private John Cavenagh

Private William Christie

Private Daniel Darby

Private Benjamin Dawes

Private Robert Dewer

Private John Donaldson

Private Alexander Dysant

Private James Finley

Private Daniel Fisher

Private John Fulton

Private James Harvis

Private Noah James

Private Jackson Kane

Private Abraham King

Private William Mariner

Private John McKenzie

Private Charles McLean

Private Joseph McLelland

Private John McNamara

Private Edward Murdoch

Private Rowland Pearce

Private John Philips

Private Thomas Pluvett

Private Daniel Quinn

Private Samuel Rivett

Private James Stephenson

Private James Swan

Private Hugh Ward

Private John Watts

Private Henry Wiltshire




42nd (Royal Highland) Foot


Lt.-Colonel Sir Robert Macara

Captain George Davidson

Lieutenant Robert Gordon

Ensign George Gerard

Serjeant Major David Perrie

Serjeant John McCole

Serjeant Lachlan McLean

Corporal Alexander Bethune

Corporal David Bruce

Corporal Walter Buchanan

Corporal William Gibson

Corporal Robert Peebles

Corporal Donald Robertson

Private James Angus

Private Duncan Bennett

Private John Brodie 

Private James Brodie

Private Colin Campbell

Private John Clark

Private James Clunns

Private John Craggie

Private John Crancky

Private Alexander Dunbar

Private John Duncan

Private James Ferrys

Private William Fleming

Private James Forbes

Private Malcolm Fraser

Private Alexander Fraser

Private Thomas Fraser

Private William Graham

Private Malcolm Grant

Private John Greenhill

Private Robert Hardy

Private John Lawson

Private George Learmouth

Private Peter Leslie

Private Thomas Lumsden

Private Alexander McDonald

Private Donald McIntosh

Private Angus McKay

Private Walter McKenzie

Private John McKenzie 1st

Private John McKenzie 2nd

Private Duncan McKeod

Private Angus McKerrie

Private Allan McLean

Private David McLeod

Private Donald McLeod 2nd

Private John Munro

Private William Munro

Private George Randall

Private Archibald Richie

Private John Ross

Private Colin Ross

Private William Ross

Private Roderick Ross

Private Donald Ross 1st

Private Robert Smith

Private Alexander Smith

Private Robert Stevenson


92nd Foot (Gordon Highlanders)


Lt.-Colonel John Cameron

Captain Abel Becher

Captain James John Chisholm

Captain William Charles Grant

Captain William Little

Ensign John M.R. McPherson

Serjeant-Major David Taylor

Serjeant Alexander Dunbar

Serjeant John Patterson

Corporal James Cameron

Corporal James Gibb

Corporal James Grubb

Corporal John Leddingham

Corporal Donald Ross

Corporal James Russell

Private Walter Appleton

Private William Baxter

Private Peter Beaton

Private Thomas Benson

Private William Black

Private Robert Brendon

Private John Brenner

Private Charles Brown

Private John Burnett

Private William Burnett

Private Donald Cameron 1st

Private Colin Campbell

Private John Carr

Private George Cockburn

Private Lachlan Duncan

Private Robert Duncan

Private Peter Duston

Private Robert Elliott

Private Donald Fisher

Private John Fitzpatrick

Private John Fraser

Private William Fraser

Private John Glennie

Private Donald Gow

Private David Graham

Private Alexander Grant

Private John Grant

Private Lewis Grant

Private Charles Higgins

Private James Hutton

Private Alexander Kennedy

Private Thomas Kirkwood

Private Archibald Lamont

Private William Marshall

Private Charles Masterton

Private John Mathers

Private Donald Mathieson

Private William Matthers

Private John McAllum

Private Donald McDonald

Private James McDonald

Private William McDonald

Private Donald McDonald 2nd

Private Patrick McGowan

Private William McGregor 

Private William McIntosh

Private Roderick McKay

Private John McKenzie

Private Duncan McLachlan

Private Peter McLaggan

Private William McLean

Private Angus McLellan

Private Hugh McLennon

Private Malcolm McLeod

Private RoderickMcLeod

Private ThomasMcNeil

Private John McSwine 

Private John Mollison

Private Andrew Munro

Private Matthew Orr

Private Robert Perrie

Private John Piper

Private William Reid

Private Donald Ross

Private John Ross

Private Duncan Simpson

Private Finlay Smith

Private John Stewart

Private William Stewart

Private Angus Sutherland

Private JohnWhittaker

Private William Wilson

Private Frederick Zieger



44th (East Essex) Foot


Lieutenant William Tomkins

Ensign Peter Cooke

Serjeant Robert Dick

Corporal John Conway

Corporal Thomas Prendergast

Private Joseph Barker

Private John Bebby

Private John Carrey

Private Robert Chamberlain

Private Edmund Connor

Private Michael Delany

Private John Fitzpatrick

Private Michael Geary

Private Thomas Haswell

Private John Kearney

Private John Kennedy

Private William Knaggs

Private James Lane

Private George Leppy

Private Thomas Owens 

Private Elijah Parrot

Private Peter Pendleton

Private Richard Poole

Private Alexander Preston 

Private William Rawlinson

Private John Reilly

Private Daniel Reynolds

Private Michael Ryan

Private Patrick Sandys

Private NoahWilletts