Men of the regiments of hussars who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

7th Hussars


Major Edward Hodge

Lieutenant & Adjutant Arthur Myers

Serjeant William Haslip

Corporal David Fraser

Corporal John Ilton

Corporal HenryJohnson

Corporal Robert Roach

Corporal JosephWebb

Private John Ashton

Private Noah Baker

Private Thomas Bamber

Private Richard Bamford

Private Joseph Barber

Private Abraham Burman

Private William Edley

Private Robert Fisher

Private Thomas Geoffreys

Private William Hallett

Private William Harrall

Private Charles Hawkins

Private John Hayes

Private Jeptha Keeling

Private David Lloyd

Private David Lowden

Private William Robertson

Private William Smith

Private Alexander Smitherwaite

Private William Titterson

10th Hussars


Major Hon. Frederick Howard

Lieutenant George Orlando Gunning

Private James Ashwin

Private Samuel Deacon

Private John Dowling

Private John Falla

Private George Fleming

Private John Flier

Private Richard Freemantle

Private Thomas Gadson

Private Henry Gander

Private Robert Kent

Private Charles Porter

Private Evan Price

Private Edward Rosewell

Private Robert Swingler

Private John Tate

Private John Taylor

Private William Wanstill

Private Joseph Wyatt



15th Hussars


Major Edwin Griffith

Lieutenant HenryBuckley

Lieutenant Isaac Sherwood

Serjeant Jack Hubbard

Serjeant RD Monro

Corporal CharlesStone

Lieutenant HenryBuckley

Lieutenant IsaacSherwood

Private George Bailey

Private George Black

Private James Brown

Private Thomas Budd

Private John Carnell

Private Henry Coggins

Private William Collins

Private Henry Curtis

Private JohnDollman

Private Stephen Drake

Private Joseph French

Private William Milton

Private Samuel Morgan

Private Thomas Moss

Private William Napier

Private Thomas Parsons

Private Matthew Phippard

Private Charles Shelmerdyne

Private David Smith

Private HJ Stewart

Private Henry Townsend

Private Samuel Whitehouse

Private Thomas Williams


18th Hussars


Serjeant Egan Bernard

Corporal Abraham Jones

Private Clinton Binnions

Private Robert Chittle

Private John Collins

Private Hugh Connigan

Private George Creary

Private Arthur Fishlock

Private George Flint

Private Terrence Gallagher

Private James Gammel

Private David Jamieson

Private Edward Kember

Private James King

Private Nicholas Martin

Private James Mayer

Private Patrick McDonough McGuire

Private JeromeMcKeine

Private John Mylod

Private John Reilly

Private John Robinson

Private George Scott

Private Thomas Spraggs

Private John Thompson

Private Joseph Vincent

Private Thomas Walker

Private Eugene Walters

Private Thomas Wildig



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