Men of the Household Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

1st Regiment of Life Guards


Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Ferrior

Captain Montague Lind

Quartermaster John Slingsby

Quartermaster Joseph Towers

Corporal James Knowles

Corporal Thomas Wharrie

Private John Alexander

Private James Allen

Private Richard Baker

Private Joseph Bradley

Private John Chapman

Private Abraham Clarke

Private James Farney

Private Thomas Fele

Private William Gibson

Private John Gill

Private John Haywood jr.

Private William Heaton

Private John Higginson

Private William Holmes

Private James Knowles

Private John Lomas

Private Hugh McLean

Private John Morrison

Private Joseph Oates

Private Joseph Pickles

Private Christopher Potter

Private Peter Seargill

Private Thomas Stephfox

Private John Stephenson

Private William Thomas


2nd Regiment of Life Guards


Captain Richard Fitzgerald

Quartermaster James Beaumont

Quartermaster William Beer

Quartermaster John Ellington

Quartermaster Edward Bradley

Corporal Major James Beamand

Corporal Major Edmund Radley

Corporal William Anniss

Corporal Joseph Sutherland

Corporal Thomas Wright

Corporal Robert Haye

Corporal George Wright

Corporal John Shaw

Private Joseph Adamson

Private Henry Aldred

Private Thomas Atkinson

Private John Bradshaw

Private Abraham Brearley

Private Thomas Bridge

Private William Broadbelt

Private Caleb Bull

Private Robert Cave

Private Francis Chapman

Private James Clarke

Private William Coleburn

Private James Collings

Private John Cooke

Private William Cooke

Private John Crofts

Private William Dawson

Private William Dickens

Private Thomas Eaton

Private William Fennell

Private Jude Handgrave

Private Thomas Handy

Private James Hardwick

Private George Hawksworth

Private John Hilton

Private John Hudson

Private John Hunt

Private Matthew Jameson

Private Richard Jennings

Private John Johnstone

Private Abraham Keighley

Private John Kennerley

Private James Larking

Private Robert Lidster

Private John Litterford

Private Robert Longdon

Private David McRae

Private John Milner

Private John Mortey

Private Matthew Norris

Private Joseph Papps

Private Richard Pavey

Private Daniel Phillips

Private Thomas Phillips

Private Henry Pindlebug

Private William Robinson

Private William Rook

Private John Salmon

Private Robert Savage

Private John Scaife

Private William Sedgewick

Private Robert Shaw

Private Richard Silversides

Private John Sketly

Private Ira Smith

Private Joseph Smith

Private Thomas Smith

Private John Thompson

Private James Thornley

Private Robert Trench

Private Robert Turner

Private George Vernon

Private Thomas Walker

Private Robert Whitaker

Private James Whittingham

Private Benjamin Wilson

Private George Wolsley

Private William Worthington


Royal Horse Guards


Major Robert Christopher Packe

Corporal Abram Ackroyd

Corporal Robert Cloft

Private Henry Ashworth

Private John Backhouse

Private Matthew Bingham

Private John Bower

Private William Bradsworth

PrivateWilliam Chelton

Private Thomas Clough

Private William Cook

Private Daniel Darby

PrivateWilliam Dean

Private Joseph Eagleton

Private Mark Furnish

Private Edward Gibbard

Private Richard Greensmith

Private Thomas Hantley

Private Samuel Harrop

Private Edward Hatch

Private Elias Howard

Private Benjamin Lawton

Private Samuel Mason

Private Joseph Pendlington

Private Joseph Pilgrim

Private William Pollard

Private John Pourney

Private James Rogeron

Private William Rogerson

Private John Siddall

Private George Taylor

Private JohnTaylor

Private William Terry

Private Joseph Thomas

Private Joseph Topham

Private James Watmough

Private Jonathan Whittaker

Private William Wild

Private Thomas Wilding

Private JohnWollam

Private Joseph Wood 

Private Thomas Woodcock

Private William Workman

1st (King's) Dragoon Guards


Troop-Serjeant-Major David Benwell

Serjeant John Allen

Serjeant Thomas Ashworth

Serjeant Thomas Garratt

Serjeant James Holmes

Serjeant Nathanial Norman

Serjeant Charles Starkey

Serjeant John Tebbs

Corporal George Bullman

Corporal Thomas Dudgeon

Private John Arlett

Private John Ashton

Private William Barrack

Private Thomas Barrett

Private Charles Bateman

Private William Benton

Private Samuel Birchell

Private Thomas Bird

Private Richard Bonser

Private John Bossen

Private Stephen Bowden

Private John Bradbury

Private William Bridgeman

Private John Britney

Private Thomas Brotherton

Private James Brown

Private John Brown

Private John Bull

Private Edmund Butterworth

Private James Buxton

Private William Caplain

Private Patrick Carr

Private John Carter

Private Samuel Chorley

Private James Clegg

Private Thomas Cockburn

Private John Cook

Private George Copley

Private Robert Craig

Private John Crane

Private James Curtice

Private Richard Davis

Private George Dixon

Private John Dymes

Private Luke Evans

Private William Evett

Private John Fulbrook

Private Charles Gillon

Private John Glover

Private Henry Godber

Private Charles Gordon

Private Edward Groves

Private Richard Hale

Private Francis Hall

Private John Hancock

Private Thomas Harburton

Private Joseph  Harfield

Private Lewis Harris

Private William Harrison

Private Mathew Haynes

Private John Headings

Private Thomas Hewkin

Private George Hill

Private Robert Hutchins

Private Moses Johnson

Private William Johnson

Private John Jones

Private Samuel Keeble

Private Joseph King

Private Robert Kitchen

Private Henry Lawdemore

Private James Leadley

Private John Lee

Private John Lewis

Private Joseph Long

Private James Lord

Private John Loughton

Private Thompson Lynn

Private Michael Marnham

Private Thomas Mason

Private James McKenna

Private William Morley

Private William Newbold

Private Mark Newell

Private Edward Newman

Private John Nuttall

Private John Parker

Private John Pearson

Private John Pinder

Private Isaac Piper

Private James Ramsden

Private Thomas Ramsden

Private John Richardson

Private Elias Ross

Private Henry Rosthorm

Private William Sanderson

Private James Saunt

Private John Serjeant

Private James Sharp

Private Thomas Simpson

Private John Sims

Private James Stacey

Private Charles Stanley

Private Stephen Syer

Private John Temple

Private Thomas Timson

Private George Trilloe

Private Thomas Wakefield

Private Adam Walkden

Private Edward Walker

Private Thomas Warbutton

Private Edward Warren

Private Josh Watkins

Private Richard Webster

Private Thomas Wilkins

Private William Williams

Private William Willshee

Private ThomasWoodman

Private John Wright