Confidential Report of M Genl. Mackenzie on the 33rd Regiment at M***in.

Gaurtnay 24 Oct 1814

Commanding Officer

Major Parkinson has Commanded this Battalion since it has been in my division, he is a zealous attentive officer – his Battalion is in tollerable [sic] good order & pretty well versed in the manoeuvres prescribed in His Majesty’s Regulations.


The Captains seem well acquainted with the interior economy of their companies, but are not so correct in covering & distance as they be. I have consequently ordered them to be practised constantly till they are correct.


The Subalterns are active, attentive & tollerably well instructed.


The Adjutant is on leave of absence, the officer who is acting is attentive & active.


The QMaster’s books are accurately kept & according to regulation & his is competent to his duty.

Pay Master

The Pay Master is, I understand competent to his duty & is attentive.

Non-commissioned Officers

The Non-commissioned Officers are active, and attentive – they are obedient and conducted. Some of the Serjts are incorrect on distances, which I ordered they practise until they could take them correctly. They are not all in possession of the abstract rules & regulations as prescribed by His Majesty – having left them at the Depot. 


The Trumpeters are well instructed & are attentive.


The number of men in the band is according to Regulations. They play in pretty correct time & are drilled & fit for the Ranks.


They are not a good body of men, but are generally very young. They have a great number of sick & have had twelve deaths since last Inspection – they are tolerably clean. Their numbers in the Ranks correspond with the Returns. They are pretty well drilled & are attentive.

Interior Economy

The interior economy of the Regiment is well regulated; and the interior arrangement of companies is duly attended to.


The Men’s messing is well attended to – Bread & Meat are furnished by contract & are generally good The officers mess together & are unanimous the Mess is economically established.


The Regimental books are not complete according to Regulation, but they have all been written for those of the Companies are complete & accurately kept – the Ledgers are signed by the Men & the officers settle with them. There six Companies about Ten pounds in Debt which is oeing to having furnished the men with flannel shirts & ****

Regimental necessaries

The Regimental necessaries are of good quality and are reasonably charged.


One man complained of having a watch taken from him, which he says was given to him by an officer of the 69th Regt at Bergen op Zoom who was severely wounded & died some hours after. I have ordered a Court of Enquiry to enquire into the matter.

No Recruits

Men to be discharged

A Return of men proposed to be discharged accompanies this Reports – I have also sent a list of Boys under age which are very weakly & I would recommend these being sent to the Depot in England.

Field Exercises Movement

The order of Reviews & Field Exercises is adhered to – their Field Movements are performed tolerably correct.

Courts Martial

I have had occasion to remark on the punishments of this Battalion & have issued an order on the subject, a copy of which together with an abstract from the Court Martial book accompanies this Report.


The Hospital is conducted according to regulation and the supplies are good. It is not well situated but the Mayor of the Town has promised to give them another on in a day or two. They have a great number of sick as already stated. The Surgeon & assistants appear competent to the duties of their profession & are attentive.


The offices, non-Commissioned Officers & Men are conformable to His Majesty’s regulations in clothing accoutrements & appointments. The belts are however very narrow, and the pouches not of a good description. They are in want of 256 greatcoats, this deficiency is explained in the accompanying Returns.


The Colours are according to the King’s Regulations


They are complete in Ammunition which is in good condition.


They have Ten stand unserviceable & Regt **** They also want fourteen Serjeants’ Pikes and thirty nine stand of arms – the others are clean, serviceable & [Masked (?)]

Bale Firing Practice

Their Bale firing practice is very bad, never having been taught the theory of shooting  & been issued and I have issued an order on the subject,


None established in this Country.