Confidential Report of the 7th Regiment of Hussars inspected by Major General Sir Henry Fane at Brighton January 1815


Commanding Officer

This Regiment has been under the command of Colonel Kerrison since its return from foreign service, who appears to have bestowed much attention upon it in equipment and discipline, and who has been in every respect attention to his duties.

Field Officers  & Officers of Troops

None of the officers appear, rom age or any other cause, unfit for the service. Proper attention has been paid to the instruction of the subalterns, who appear intelligent, and to have acquired the requisite degree of information.

The Captains are properly acquainted with the interior armoury of their troops, and competent to the command of them.

Perfect unanimity and good understanding prevail in the Corps; and the Commanding Officer ***** himself to receive the most perfect support from all under his command.

The Adjutant and Quarter Master

The Adjutant and Quarter Master are competent to the duties of their respective stations, and their books are kept with accuracy and regularity.

Troop Serjeant Majors

The Troop Serj Majors appear properly conversant with the interior concerns of their troops.

Non-commissioned Officers

The Non-commissioned Officers seem well instructed, active, and intelligent. Each Serjeant is in possession of a copy of the Abstract of the rules & regulations.


The Trumpeters are perfect in their different soundings.


Of the band I had no opportunity of judging, as several of them were on furlough. They do not exceed the number allowed by regulation.


The Privates are a good bod of men, healthy and clean. The number in the ranks corresponded with the returns.

Interior Economy

The interior economy of the Regiment is well regulated; and the interior arrangement of the troops is properly attended to.

Due attention is paid to Messing. Meat and bred are supplied by contract. The price of the former is ;/6  per lb, and of the latter -/5  per loaf. The officers mess together. They pay for dinner 3/6 per head.


The Corps and Regimental books are kept in a proper manner and answering to the established regulations. The former are signed by the men; and the commanding officers of troops are always present at the settling periods, and countersign each account.

Regimental necessaries

The Regimental necessaries supplied, appear of proper quality, and to be charged at fair prices.


No complain of any kind was made to me.


The Horses of this regiment are in good condition and high health. The training of both those and their riders will be the better for winter’s practice in the riding house. Proper advantage is being taken of their favourable situation for this purpose.


There have been frequent complaints upon the subject of forage; which have been stated to Maj. General Vivian commanding upon the spot.

Courts Martial

No irregularity has occurred in the proceedings, or in the infliction of the sentences oof Courts Martial. They have been few in number.

Regimental Hospital

The regimental Hospital is conducted with propriety in every respect. The Sick are not numerous, nor has there been any extraordinary mortality.

Veterinary Surgeon

The Veterinary Surgeon is intelligent and competent to the duties of his situation. The Horses are shod in conformity to regulation. There has not recently been any appearance of contagious disease amongst the horses.

Clothing, accoutrements and appointments.

The Clothing, accoutrements and appointments are according to the King’s regulations and are in perfectly good condition.


The Arms were clean, and in good repair.

Regimental School

The regimental School is placed upon the most excellent footing, and a very praiseworthy degree pf attention appears to be paid to it.


The Barrack at Brighton is attended by a Chaplain, who performs his duty in a satisfactory manner.


General Observations

The Regiment, as far as the season of the year and other circumstances permitted me to judge, appears in very good order. I did not deem it necessary to issue any orders to them.