Men of Adam's Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

52nd (Oxfordshire) Foot


Ensign William Nettles

Serjeant William Buswell

Serjeant William Williams 

Corporal Samuel Collis

Corporal Peter Gorman

Corporal William Withall

Private Thomas Ash

Private George Bates

Private George Bell

Private Richard Bence

Private John Bratt

Private Richard Bull

Private James Chapman

Private William Clemings

Private John Conroy

Private Patrick Delaney

Private James Dickinson

Private Hugh Dorning

Private James Duffey

Private William Fairman

Private Patrick Flanagan

Private Thomas Fogerty

Private George Gebles

Private Anthony Grogan

Private Henry Harding

Private William Harrington

Private Thomas Heggerty

Private George Hodges

Private James Inscow

Private Thomas Jones

Private John Jones 1st

Private John Jones 2nd

Private Michael Kilty

Private William Marshall

Private Thomas Matthews

Private Patrick McCartney

Private James Meyers

Private Andrew Milton

Private Charles Murphy

Private James Neagle

Private Robert North

Private Richard Pearse

Private Daniel Pray

Private Bernard Price

Private George Robb

Private John Rogers

Private Joseph Shipley

Private William Simms

Private John Summer

Private Samuel Topping

Private Thomas Vittey

Private Henry Whicher

Private James Williams

Private John Wilson

Private Henry Woodland


71st (Glasgow Highland) Foot


Captain Edmund L'Estrange

Lieutenant John Raleigh Elwes

Ensign John Todd

Serjeant Andrew Bryson

Serjeant James Fletcher

Serjeant Robert Mason

Serjeant Michael McKenna

Corporal James Lyons

Corporal William McKenzie

Corporal Alexander Scott

Private William Aitken

Private Robert Berland

Private James Blackwood

Private Thomas Burges

Private John Campbell

Private Alerdoch Camplide

Private George Clunie

Private Michael Collywood

Private Robert Colquhoun

Private Thomas Conoghie

Private MickDally

Private William Davis

Private John Dogherty

Private James Donaldson

Private Lawrence Doogan

Private William Duncan

Private James Eganton

Private Robert Ellis

Private John French

Private James Fullerton

Private Daniel Gallacher

Private Patrick Galway

Private Peter Gilchrist

Private Michael Halliwood

Private Henry Hayes

Private Alexander Kerr

Private Peter Lockart

Private John Marshall

Private Lachlin McGowan

Private William McKee

Private Peter McLeod

Private James McNab

Private Alexander McNabb

Private Duncan McPhee

Private Alexander Mears

Private Andrew Miller

Private William Murray

Private Hugh Nicholl

Private Archibald Patterson

Private Gabriel Pollack

Private Patrick Quinn

Private Alexander Ramsay

Private Alexander Robbie

Private Michael Sally

Private Thomas Scott

Private James Shaw

Private William Stewart

Private James Summers

Private John Taylor

Private Walter Thompson

Private Archibald Todd

Private Samuel Walker

Private John Watson

Private David White

Private WilliamWilkinshaw

Private Thomas Wishart

Private George Young


2nd Batt. 95th Foot


Serjeant Charles McCaule

Serjeant Thomas Pilling

Serjeant James Rand

Corporal  Henry Harper

Corporal Jonathan Hopgood

Corporal Peter Kearney

Corporal Michael Nangle

Corporal John Weeks

Corporal William Will

Drummer William Collins

Private Edward Baker

Private Edward Burns

Private George Cox

Private Joseph Crowe

Private John Daniels

Private John Davis

Private Samuel Doggett

Private Burton Fiddiman

Private John Francis

Private Robert Fulton

Private Thomas Hamilton

Private John Hawks

Private John Hays 2nd

Private Robert Hewson

Private Moses Hogburn

Private Edward Knight

Private George Larkin

Private William Lee

Private William Lemmon

Private Daniel Lewis

Private Joseph Neil

Private Joseph Oldknow

Private John Pilton

Private Henry Plowman

Private James Shepherd

Private John Simons

Private William Statwood

Private James Stokes

Private John Stroud

Private Owen Sweeney


3rd Batt. 95th Foot


Captain Charles Eales

Serjeant Jasper Kenstock

Private William Austin

Private Thomas Beymont

Private Thomas Corbin  

Private John Hall

Private Stephen Hall

Private George King

Private William Spademan

Private Robert Stubbley

Private William Tansley

Private John Thompson