Men of the 2nd Guards Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

2nd Battalion, 2nd Foot Guards


Captain/Lt.-Colonel John Lucie Blackman

Captain/Lt. -Colonel Edward Sumner

Sergeant Hainy

Corporal Joseph Dobinson

Corporal James Graham

Corporal Thomas Henderson

Corporal James Robinson

Corporal Richard Beadly

Private John Askew

Private John Bickey

Private John Brown

Private William Card

Private William Carpenter

Private Francis Chappell

Private James Coales

Private John  Coventry

Private Henry Darky

Private Thomas Dawson

Private John Edwards

Private Thomas Evans

Private John Eves

Private John Jiffy

Private John Frost

Private George Gaston

Private George Gordon

Private Thomas Grange

Private James Hilton

Private John Howarth

Private Edward Hughes

Private John Johnson

Private James Lacy

Private John Lamprey

Private William Leech

Private John Livy

Private John London

Private Joseph Machin

Private Richard Machin

Private Edward Mann

Private William Martin

Private John Milwood

Private Thomas Morgan

Private Andrew Penfield

Private Thomas Petty 

Private James Phillips

Private James Ratcliffe

Private William Rathburn

Private Thomas Richards

Private George Road

Private John Robson

Private  William Sandes

Private Charles Smith

Private James Smith

Private Thomas Smith

Private James Smith

Private Isaac Swain

Private Cornelius Thomas

Private James Thompson

Private James Thurlow

Private John Treelou

Private James Watson

Private Charles Williams

Private David Williams

Private William Williams

2nd Battalion, 3rd Foot Guards


Captain/Lt-Colonel Charles Fox Canning

Captain/Lt-Colonel Hon.Sir Alexander Gordon

Lieutenant/Captain & Adjutant William Stothert

Lieutenant/Captain John Ashton

Lieutenant/Captain Thomas Crauford

Lieutenant/Captain Hon. Hastings-Brudenell Forbes

Ensign Charles Simpson

Serjeant James Arnott

Serjeant James Laing

Serjeant James Twigg

Corporal William Vincent

Corporal John Elwell

Private Adam Allen

Private James Allen

Private JohnAllen

Private James Alsop

Private John Anson

Private George Aspinall

Private Edward Bambridge

Private John Bambridge

Private HenryBaroclough

Private John Birch

Private Enoch Bishop

Private Benjamin Blizard

Private Benjamin Boyce

Private John Broadbrook

Private Benjamin Brock

Private William Brown

Private William Brunton

Private Thomas Butler

Private John Caddock

Private John H.Carrot

Private William Cartwright

Private William Clayton

Private Michael Connelly

Private Thomas Coventry

Private Peter Deane

Private Benjamin Donkinson

Private John Eariot

Private Charles Edgar

Private Thomas Gale

Private Thomas Gaskell

Private George Goulding

Private Thomas Grange

Private George Green

Private Stephen Grigsby

Private Thomas Harvett

Private William Hickson

Private Richard Holmes

Private Henry Hubbard

Private John Jackson

Private Charles Kain

Private Jarvis Kent

Private John Lee

Private William Lister

Private Donald McBeth

Private Michael McKenley

Private Benjamin Merrick

Private Ralph Mitchell

Private John Newman

Private Joseph Peate

Private Thomas Peters

Private Isaac Philpott

Private William Read 

Private William Robinson

Private George Russell

Private William Sanders

Private Samuel Sandiford

Private Henry Shaw

Private James Sheppard

Private James Somers

Private John Tomkinson

Private John Walker

Private Thomas Waring

Private Joseph Welch

Private Thomas Wichman

Private James Williams

Private Abraham Woller

Private John Worrell