Men of the 1st Guards Brigade who lost their lives during the Waterloo campaign

1st Foot Guards 2nd Battalion


Captain/Lt.Colonel William H. Milnes

Captain/Lt.Colonel Sir Francis d'Oyly

Lieutenant/Captain Thomas Brown

Ensign Hon.Samuel Shute Buwell Barrington

Serjeant John Ford

Corporal James Bacon

Corporal Robert Ballentine

Corporal Charles Curran

Corporal George Dickens 

Corporal James Evans

Corporal John Fogg

Corporal Thomas Johnson

Corporal Daniel Lewes

Corporal George Owens

Corporal John Taylor

Private William Abrahams

Private William Adams

Private JohnAllright

Private SamuelAmett/Anett

Private AndrewAnderson

Private John Bannister

Private William Bate

Private Samuel Beswick 

Private Zachariah Betts

Private John Blythe

Private Henry Bolton

Private George Bridgeford

Private Richard Broadbent

Private Andrew Brown

Private John Canney

Private Richard Cartmell

Private  William Clanner

Private John Clarke

Private William Clarke

Private Thomas Clarkson

Private Austin Cooper

Private Edward Cooper

Private Abraham Crane

Private David Davis

Private Thomas Dilworth

Private John Dryden

Private Edmond Edmonds

Private John Edwards

Private Henry Foster

Private Henry Freeman

Private John Frith

Private John Green jr.

Private Thomas Griffiths

Private John Guttridge

Private George Hawkes

Private Thomas Hawkins

Private Isaac Helps

Private Abraham Hewlett

Private Thomas Hickman

Private Matthew Holt

Private ThomasHolt

Private AdamHood

Private John  Hood

Private WilliamHopkins

Private JohnHunter

Private GeorgeIngles

Private RobertJarvis

Private DavidJenkins

Private PeterJones

Private ThomasKellett

Private WilliamKing

Private JohnKirton

Private JohnLewis

Private RichardLewis

Private JamesMay 

Private BernardMimmick

Private JohnMoorhouse

Private MaxwellMorris

Private JamesMulcock

Private JamesMussen

Private JohnNewton

Private MartinO'Brien

Private GeorgePaviour

Private JamesPayne

Private WilliamPeachman

Private WilliamPorter

Private ThomasPring

Private ThomasRalph

Private AdamRawson

Private JohnRich

Private HughRiley

Private ClementRobson

Private JohnRositer

Private JohnRumbold

Private James Rushworth

Private AbrahamSharp

Private GeorgeSheppard

Private CharlesShepperd

Private FrancisShippard

Private JohnSimpkins

Private GeorgeSkelly

Private JohnSmee/Smu

Private WilliamSpriggs

Private NathanialStevens

Private JohnStride

Private AlexanderTaylor

Private WilliamThorpe

Private JamesTompkins

Private LukeTownsend

Private CharlesTyson

Private WilliamWalker

Private JamesWalters

Private JohnWard

Private ThomasWatkins

Private WilliamWatmore

Private JamesWay

Private JamesWebb

Private JamesWilliams

Private WatkinWilliams

Private EdwardWinpenny

Private JamesWinterbottom

Private Thomas Wisley

Private Thomas Woodcock

Private Robert Young


1st Foot Guards 3rd Battalion


Captain/Lt.Colonel William Miller

Captain/Lt.Colonel Edward Staples

Captain/Lt.Colonel Charles Thomas

Lieutenant/Captain Robert Adair

Lieutenant/Captain Edward Grose

Ensign Lord James Hay

Ensign Edward Pardoe

Serjeant William Boulcott

Serjeant William Crews

Serjeant William Thomas

Serjeant Benjamin Verity

Serjeant Nathanial Wilson

Serjeant John Wood

Corporal William Alstone

Corporal Paul Gregory

Corporal Thomas Haywood

Corporal William Huntington

Corporal John Lauder

Corporal William Murray

Corporal William Nicholls

Corporal James Nixon

Corporal WilliamSwann

Corporal WilliamThornhill

Corporal JohnTurner

Corporal Robert Walpole

Drummer Edward Snell

Private Thomas Able

Private James Allen

Private William Asher

Private John Barker

Private Thomas Barnett

Private Thomas Barrett

Private Joy Bartlam

Private JohnBatty

Private Samuel Beadle

Private John Boyle

Private Robert Brable

Private Joseph Brown

Private Samuel Breese

Private James Byers

Private William Carter

Private John Chapple

Private Samuel Christian

Private John Clark

Private Steven Clough

Private Thomas Cockett

Private James Coller

Private William Collier

Private Joseph Cope

Private James Cornthwaite

Private George Curtis

Private Morgan Daniels

Private William Dawson

Private William Dawson

Private Issac Derwin

Private Robert Dethick

Private Robert Dewer

Private Robert Dorey

Private William Dowling

Private Bartholemew Doyle

Private Thomas Dunn

Private Edward Etherington

Private John Farrance

Private Jonathan Fawcett

Private Daniel Finch

Private James Finlow

Private Thomas Fowles

Private Thomas Goodwin

Private John Goody

Private Francis Grey

Private William Halliday

Private Peter Hamson

Private James Harber

Private Samuel Harwood

Private Samuel Hatton

Private Thomas Heath

Private William Hemsley

Private John Heritage

Private John Hible

Private John Hicks

Private William Hill

Private Moses Hilton

Private Edward Horsley

Private Robert Howe

Private William Hutchins

Private Thomas James

Private Matthew Jenkins

Private Bartholemew Johnson

Private Richard Johnson

Private George Jones

Private Richard Jones

Private Richard Key

Private Richard Lathwood

Private David Liversedge

Private John Lockwood

Private O.McFarlane

Private James Moore

Private Richard Morgan

Private Robert Musgrove

Private Thomas Nicholls

Private John Nutter

Private William Oldham

Private James Owen

Private William Payne

Private John Pearson

Private William Pearson

Private Robert Pegg

Private John Petty

Private James Pickles

Private William Pike

Private William Porter

Private John Pritchard

Private James Prothero

Private John Redyard

Private David Reece

Private Thomas Reece

Private William Rippingale

Private Benjamin Roebuck

Private Richard Rogers

Private Samuel Rogers

Private William Rose

Private Thomas Rule

Private John Sawkins

Private John Shedden

Private H. John Smee

Private Benjamin Smith

Private Francis Smith

Private George Smith

Private William Stackwood

Private Thomas Stevens

Private Daniel Swafford

Private John Sweeper

Private James Taylor

Private Benjamin Thomas

Private Daniel Thomas

Private Edward Thomas

Private John Walters

Private Joseph Walters

Private Henry White

Private James Wilson

Private Lamont Wilson

Private John Wood

Private Benjamin Yates

Private Joseph Young