The Waterloo Database provides information on each of the 30,500 British combatants who saw action during the Waterloo campaign of 1815.

The Database is a result of over 15 years' research, mostly using primary sources held at the National Archive, in addition to documents held by regimental museums.


County Guides
From this vast collection of data a series of booklets will be published looking at the individual men - county by county. The first of these - Waterloo Men of Northamptonshire is available now - with the rest of the series being published over the next year.





Your Waterloo Man
The database also provides an excellent resource for geneaologists, social and military historians, and medal collectors.
An unparalleled quantity of cross-referenced data is available for every British Waterloo soldier who saw action, including such details as to which Company/Troop they belonged, the casualty figures for that unit, and its position and role during the three days' fighting.






Using this vast amount of previously unpublished data, a series of articles which provide detailed study of individuals and regiments will be available for readers here.